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spiritual awakening

Are you feeling lost? Are you having odd or strange experiences all of a sudden that you cannot explain?

Do you feel like you are waking up to realize you are a spiritual being who is trying to connect more into

this side of yourself? I've been there. It can feel like a dark and lonely place to be and especially if you are

around friends, family or co-workers who might think you are weird, strange or even "crazy" if you were to

tell them your experiences. You are not alone. You are likely experiencing a Spiritual Awakening. Welcome!

Once you know what you are experiencing and you get the help and support to know how to work WITH this energy as opposed to against it you can feel so light and free. I would like to be that person who walks you through this journey to help you through this process. My Shaman famously says "the difference between Shaman and "crazy" is GROUNDING

What is Spirituality?

*In essence spirituality and being spiritual are simply terms that you are more than your body. That your true essence is a Spirit. This is independent from religion or being religious.

*Spiritual Awakening in simple terms means that you are becoming aware of more dimensional realities outside of just the earthly dimension.

What does Spiritual Awakening look like?

* Having deep empathy where you can feel others feelings, you may even mistake other's feelings for your own 

*Deeply reflecting on your wants, desires, and behaviors

* Noticing signs and synchronicities where it seems like the Universe is conspiring for you (like seeing the same thing or hearing the same thing in different ways which some could call it coincidences). You may also see repeating numbers. 

* Having a strong desire to be more authentic to your true self

* An increase in intuition such as thinking about a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time and then receiving a call/text from the friend.

* Sense of time is weird or off. You feel more present in the moment and less focused on the past and future. 

* Feeling very connected to others and nature

* Relationships start to change where either you feel drained when you are around some people or you may feel like you no longer connect or relate to friends or family; you want deeper connections and conversations

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