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Passionate About Empowering Others

Hi! I'm Lindsay. For most of my life I felt lost and alone and wanted more out of life. I struggled with depression and anxiety and experienced some very traumatic moments in my life. With each challenge life gave me, I learned that if I could acknowledge what was happening, my role in it, and truly experience the feelings around it, that I was then able to move forward and heal. At this point I was able to find the silver lining or the LESSON in each problem I faced. This isn't easy work to do but it is TOTALLY worth it. I can't say that I never experience depression or anxiety anymore, but I will say with confidence that I experience it less intense or not as long as before. I don't have all the answers and I don't claim to be a totally healed person with no more lessons to learn. I am human, working through this tough world and on the path like you all are.


I bet you are wondering "but what makes her qualified to help me?" or "why would I want to work with Lindsay as opposed to all the other healers?" Those are great questions to ask on your search for the right fit for your goals. One thing that sets me apart from other healers is my education. I have my doctorate in Psychology and while I'm not providing psychological services in my sessions (diagnoses, assessment and symptom reduction of mental illness), and my license is inactive, I do still have the knowledge and training that help to add to the perspective I take with clients and helping them with their personal and spiritual goals. I've been in the mental health field for over 20 years and have seen all that traditional mental health has to offer and the ways in which the field has let our community down. I have worked with children and families, sexual abuse victims, provided group therapy, worked at a prison, and provided therapy to people struggling with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, BiPolar Disorder, and many more. 


When the focus is not on labeling what diagnosis you fit under or how many sessions your insurance company will pay for and what type of treatment can be offered, we are able to simply look at your goals and WE decide how to help you. Also, many issues that come up with a Spiritual Awakening can appear like serious mental illness. I hear time and time again that clients are either too scared to share their experiences with their therapist or when they do they are quickly dismissed as being mentally ill and not looking at the totality of the experience from a Spiritual perspective. A session with me allows the conversation to be had and for you to be supported through your own experience. You will not be judged or shamed; simply accepted as we move you towards where you want your life to go.  

Along with my education, training and experience, I also have a variety of Spiritual teachings and training as well. I am a certified Energy Healer which has shaped much of my initial Spiritual framework. I have also taken Shamanic workshops and receive personal training from my Shaman Sarah Goff as well as training from Psychics, Mediums, Intuitive Coaches, Akashic Record Healers, and many many more. Most importantly, I have developed a relationship with my Spiritual Guides and helpers along the way and rely heavily on this relationship to guide my work with others. All of this combined help me to give you a unique healing experience. 


I've recently woken up with the excitement of a baby fawn all long legs and no coordination! 


I found Lindsay through her podcast which I binged every episode in two days then through her Instagram I watched her live videos and messaged her. 


When Lindsay was able to offer me guidance through my awakening I was desperate for help emotionally and spiritually. I know I'm at the start of a long journey (hate that phrase) but knowing I have Lindsay by my side means everything to me. 

Lindsay has "been there and done that" and has shared her personal experiences on her podcast. It's so easy to talk to her and share as I know she's had tough moments in her life. 


So far one of the specialist moments to me was to hear from Lindsay how she went and found me in our heart space. To hear Lindsay tell me about me in ways that I can understand but that would never have come out of my 3d mouth was staggering. It will help me so much quicker as she can get the keys from my guides and my spiritual self to get to the root of the causes without my 3d blockages. 


This truly is a gift and I feel that I am being awoken, healed and rebuilt by a fantastic professional who I would love to call my friend.


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