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Vegfest 2023

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Offerings for Vegfest 2023

Manifesting Through Gratitude- Despacho

Manifest your needs (love, money or health) through showing gratitude for Mother Earth (Pacha Mama) and helpful spirits. Each Despacho is a gift of gratitude and has been hand made through this Peruvian Shaman gratitude ceremony. I have prayed over each item and created intention for either love, money or health and have blessed each item for you. A list of many of the items can be found on the Despacho page. You will need to add your own intentions for your Despacho to ensure your desires are manifested. Below are some steps you'll need to take to ensure this Gratitude Ceremony is balanced, reciprocal and you get what you desire.

-Each Despacho must have 4 aspects to it. I have incorporated these elements into each one for you, however, you too can add your intentions to your own Despacho so that the energy exchange is reciprocal and more powerful.

   - First we call to Spirit, Mother Earth (Pacha Mama) and all nature to receive this prayer and gift

   - Next we express humbleness, ask for forgiveness and acknowledge our role as students

   - Next we express gratitude

   -Finally we ask for what we desire 

- Go into nature and collect 3 leaves by asking for permission to use the leaf and then wait for a "yes" or "no" response. Once you get a "yes," you may take the leaf and either say thank you or sprinkle a little tobacco for the energy exchange. 

- Hold your 3 leaves in your hands and while you FEEL your intention for manifestation, blow your intention into the 3 leaves 3 times.

- Tuck the three leaves under the string on the top of your gift.

- Hold the Despacho in your hands and place it to your heart. Say "thank you" to this gift, nature, Mother Earth, and anyone/anything else you are called to. Ask for your specific intention.

- Finally, either safely burn the Despacho for a quicker but sometimes chaotic manifestation, bury it for a slower but gentler manifestation or open it up and remove any items that are not environmentally friendly and allow the wind to carry away the remaining items.

Sacred Tobacco

Grandfather Tobacco is a very sacred plant used by Indigenous people for medicinal and spiritual purposes. It is said that when Great Spirit was ready for humans to be on Earth that the lands were burned and Tobacco was the only plant that survived. Also, Tobacco loves working with other plants, healing people and connecting us to Spirit. Grandfather Tobacco also connects us to our heart chakra so when it is used, it should be held in our left hand. There are many different uses and ways to work with Tobacco such as burning it (Peace Pipe), eating it as a paste (Ambil), Rape (Hape), and using it as a land offering, to name just a few. Something important to note is  that it is never inhaled in the lungs when it's burned or ingested and is not used in a way to cause addiction or health problems. 

The Tobacco that I have grown is used for land offerings. The tobacco plants I have grown have been showered with love and gratitude during all of the different stages of it's growth and drying processes. When you want to create an energy exchange with Mother Earth (Pacha Mama), simply grab a pinch of Tobacco in your left hand and blow your gratitude and intentions into it 3 times. You can use this sacred Tobacco when you are taking something from nature as a "thank you" and reciprocal energy exchange, you can use it when you are entering nature for a hike and to introduce yourself and ask for forgiveness for you and your ancestors, you can use it before starting a fire, to create a healthy relationship with the land that you live on, etc. Go with what feels loving, reciprocal and respectful of nature. Please also keep in mind the Indigenous people who have been working with Sacred Tobacco and have educated us all on how to respect Nature and one another more. Every time we can give them thanks and show them respect, we create a harmonious relationship with those who have suffered, those that have kept these traditions alive and those that have created beautiful and loving relationships with all of nature.










Florida Water

Florida Water is used for many reasons during spiritual practices. It is great for clearing the energy in rooms and off of objects and can replace using sage which is over harvested now. This can also be used as an offering to helpful spirits to call them into the space. This homemade Florida Water has been blessed and prayed over and is infused with crystals at the bottom. This mixture contains alcohol and is extremely flammable so please use caution when using, keep away from children, sparks, flames, and heat. It contains the following essential oils: clary sage, bergamot, lavender, lemon grass, and rosemary. This is for external use only and may cause an allergic reaction if used on the skin so please test it on a small part of your skin if you plan to spray it on yourself. 


Giving Back

Thank you for any purchase that you have made from me at Vegfest. You're not only helping a local small business, but you're also helping a group of indigenous people. 20% of my sales will be going to Jungle Harmony from the Seborucos tribe. The offer plant medicine retreats in Putumayo, Columbia.Co-founder Taita Cesar (pictured on the right) has a mission and driving force behind his work which is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving the rainforest and all its inhabitants, including his beloved elders. Along with the retreats they offer, he is sometimes found in California and other states providing education and healing. If you would like to find out more, please visit their website


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