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Inner child work

Here are some common questions I get asked about Inner Child Work:


What is Inner Child Work?

Inner Child work is a way in which we can go straight to the source of a trauma, undesirable behavior, a stuck emotion, and thought pattern. It is a way to understand how this pattern or pain was created (without wallowing in the story of it) and heal the unmet need. We source compassion and understanding for these unhealed parts as opposed to shame, regret and judgment of ourselves

Why should I do Inner Child Work?

It is a way to give ourselves love, move past pain which is still showing up in our lives and learn how to get these needs met in a healthy way.

What will I gain from it?

Understanding, compassion, relief from suffering, connection to parts of yourself that have been lost, abused or forgotten, and learn new ways to cope in your day to day life that bring about your most authentic and loving self. When we learn to love and accept ourselves, we not only feel better but we ARE better people to others.

In this process, I have seen people go from fearing they are a monster because they were acting out aggressively towards themselves and others, to finding deep understand on how these behaviors came about and through healing themselves they realized that they never were a monster to begin with. This is a gentle approach that does not re-traumatize the person. Many people I work with through this process have radically changed their brain wiring, behaviors, emotions, and thoughts, so much that others have remarked how happier they seem and how much they have changed for the better. This approach is quicker than traditional therapeutic approaches. 

How do you do it?

This is accomplished through several guided meditations. You will initially just meet your inner child and learn ways to connect with this part of you on a regular basis and when triggered. Eventually you will work towards key moments in your life that are linked to what you are working on so that these parts of you can feel truly healed. We know we are healed when we can think of something that was painful and no longer have a strong emotional reaction or reactive behaviors. 

Reach out to me if you have additional questions about inner child work or join the workshops. If you have missed any meetings, please message me for the recordings

May we all walk in beauty. May we all know loving kindness.

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