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trauma healing

What is Trauma Healing?

Trauma, simply put, is when something happens to you that changes you for the worse. I use the phrase "trauma can be little 't' traumas all the way to big 'T' traumas and everything in between. Many of my past clients felt their experiences didn't constitute a trauma because it wasn't the worst thing that ever could happen to someone. Little 't' traumas could be being told repeatedly as a child that your are dumb and wouldn't accomplish much in life, having people say sexually inappropriate things to you at work, friends abruptly cutting you out of their life with no explanation, etc. Big 'T' traumas can be witnessing or experiencing physical violence, sexual assault, emotional abuse, death, chronic illness, etc. Trauma healing is looking at the trauma (gently and not going into the experience directly) and finding peace and understanding with what happened. 

Why should I do Trauma Healing?

It has been either directly or indirectly impacting your life. It's contributed to false beliefs about yourself and who you are. You aren't functioning the most optimally.

What will I gain from it?

A new understanding about what happened to you, what you can learn from the experience, a sense of freedom, and restored power within yourself.

How do you do it?

We would explore the trauma without going back into the direct experience of memory. It is very important to not be retraumatized by the healing process and it is imperative that you trust who you are working with and they are skilled at going to the edge of the trauma and safely guiding you out. This is done over several session and is a gradual process. Using shamanic practices, the trauma will be pulled out of the Luminous Energy Field so you no longer need to hold it in your energy, thoughts, body, or emotions. 

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