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chakra illumination

The chakras are important energy centers in the body. While there are numerous chakras in and around the body, there are 7 main chakras that go up the spine, Each of these chakras correspond to different organs in your body as well as emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual states which impact your daily life. When they are clogged up, unhealthy, under active, or over active, they can negatively impact your life and wellbeing. 

Having a regular practice of clearing your chakras can greatly improve your wellbeing. Below is a shamanic practice from the Peruvian Shamans to clear your chakras. To learn more, please check out Alberto Villoldo's books and website

Below is a list of each Chakra and a brief description of what they represent. This list is not exhaustive nor are these the only chakras one can work with. Please consult a medical doctor for any physical ailments, as this practice is only complimentary to ones medical treatments. 

The 7 major chakras

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Crown Chakra: Spirituality, opportunity to blend our emotions and beliefs with higher virtues like truth, hope and love. Connects us to source energy and the divine. ELEMENT- None 

Third Eye Chakra: Vision, perception, see the truth. ELEMENT- Light

Throat Chakra: Communication and expression, communicating needs and emotions, being honest with yourself and others, being able to set healthy boundaries and taking responsibility. ELEMENT- Ether

Heart Chakra: Love, healing, higher emotions and virtues, receiving love, giving love. ELEMENT- Air

Solar Plexus Chakra: Mental space, personal power, will power, thoughts and beliefs which combine to create judgements, opinions and actions, self-esteem, confidence and success in the world. ELEMENT- Fire

Sacral Chakra: Emotions and creativity, bonding, relationships, empathy, sensuality, feeling alive. ELEMENT- Water

Root Chakra: Physicality, survival, safety, security, knowing we deserve to exist. ELEMENT- Earth

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