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shadow work

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is a concept from Carl Jung, a famous German Psychiatrist and probably one of the most famous in the mental health field who developed very spiritual concepts to explain mental health. Shadow work, put simply, is making the unknown known. It's also about learning to love and accept the parts of us that we or others deem as undesirable.

Why should I do Shadow Work?

To truly heal, one must really know themselves. To evolve as humans and spiritually, we must know ourselves and accept ourselves fully. 

What will I gain from it?

By doing Shadow Work with a practitioner, you can have a deeper understanding of who you are, your undesirable traits, heal from them, and learn from them. By doing this with someone who is well versed in shadow work, you will have someone trained at guiding you to see your shadows and a safe container to look, learn and love them. It's imperative that the professional knows how to handle tricky situations, challenging memories and the pitfalls of shame and negative thought patterns to guide you into looking at yourself gently.  My education, training and background in mental health, I've been helping people do shadow work in a loving way, where they feel seen, not judged, and safe to explore.

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