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shamanic Cord cutting

What is cord cutting and how do I know if someone is corded to me?

Cording happens when we get emotionally triggered by someone or something and it may be triggered because of something that happened a long time ago and not that particular person. We are triggered because of our insecurities and affinities (shadows). If you don't know what your affinities or shadows are, just ask yourself what really annoys you about someone. There you go! It may bother you because it is a part of you that you don't accept or don't allow within yourself. We also get corded to loved ones which creates healthy cording but we can also have toxic cording with loved ones or old relationships.

You may also notice that the same kind of person keeps coming in your life or the same person keeps coming and going, coming and going and it's a tumultuous relationship. This is an affinity. 

What is the most important part about cording and cutting cords?

We must learn the lesson to be able to cut the cord and have the person not cord back in. Ask yourself "What might I learn about my insecurities and affinities through this connection? What am I being invited to learn?"

How do I prevent cording?

SELF ACCEPTANCE! Know your insecurities and affinities.Do not need approval from anyone else. Don't have expectations of others. This protects us from a person being able to cord back in and prevents others in the future to cord into us. You also have to want to cut the cord and see the lesson to prevent it from coming back.

Toxic cording vs. healthy cording

Cording can be healthy and loving. Do you ever have a friend that you're thinking about and randomly they text you? That's a healthy cording because you can be loving and accepting of one another and learn to work out your insecurities with them in a loving and fun way. These types of cords are made of light and if they are cut they will return. 

Toxic cording can root deeply in your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) and can root deeply into your organs. Toxic cording drains the life force out of you, you may obsess about the person, think negative thoughts about them, they can be emotional thought forms, or you may not be able to get them out of your head. 

Don't be surprised if you hear from the person within a few days of cutting cords with them. It is advised to tap into your LEF to look for cording once a week or whenever you have someone you are having repetitive negative or obsessive thoughts about.

Reach out to me if you have additional questions about cutting cords and enjoy this video that walks you through the steps. 

Happy cord cutting everyone!

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