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 step into your power

Spiritual Healing sessions to help you remember your true essence and heal the wounds that disempower you


Do you feel spiritually lost or disconnected to your spiritual side? Are you still plagued by things that have happened in the past? Are you trying to uncover your true self and feel liberated from limiting beliefs? I CAN HELP!


I am a Psychologist who has realized that there can be more natural ways to unlock healing. I believe the best way to find healing is by addressing the mind, body and spiritual connection instead of just one aspect alone. I have a deep respect for the mental health field and for Western medicine and believe that it has its place and utility in many people's lives. But for some, I believe there can be more effective and quicker ways to unlock someone's healing potential using more natural tools. I believe I have a unique perspective by blending science and spirituality, which can help you step into your full potential. I have walked a challenging path which has led me to understand the struggles of others and the dire need for change. I believe that with my mental health background, the inner work I have done to overcome difficult life experiences and my connection to my spiritual path, I can help others move toward feeling whole, connected and embodying their true nature.


What I am offering

I offer healing sessions specifically geared towards your needs. This may include inner child workshadow work, energy healing, shamanic healing practices, and so much more. I give you tools to use in your day to day life to continue the healing outside of our time together. My goal is to help you find relief from your suffering so you can feel like your true self. I want you to feel happy and whole so you can be the best version of you possible. 


Come see my healing space

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